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For this year’s Malta Gluten & Lactose Free Week we have a number of top gluten free and lactose free brands that have discounts and offers which you can enjoy from participating supermarkets. You are spoilt for choice. Check inside the supermarkets to know more about the offers.

The offers start on the 13th of May and end on the 19th of May 2024, so take advantage. Here is a full list of the offers.



The above list is a brand list and does not enter into the specific products (within each brand) that are on offer. Not all brands will have their full range on offer.  The specific details and information on which products from each brand are on offer can be found inside the participating supermarkets. The offers are only applicable in participating supermarkets that agree and handle the brands. Not all brands may be available at all participating supermarkets. The organiser is not responsible for any variance between the suggested product offer and the instore price, and product availability. Some brands may have parts of their range which is lactose and/or gluten free, thus we strongly advise that you check the label and ingredients.

Does your food need to become boring?

Certainly not! On the contrary there is a world of flavour that you can dig your teeth into. Remember that vegetables and fruit are there to the rescue. On veggymalta.com we have a dedicated section with gluten free recipes which we are constantly adding onto. And to make things even better our recipes do not contain meat and fish (and the majority are vegan as well). After all when do you ever hear a doctor saying “dont eat vegetables and fruit”!

If you have interesting gluten free recipes you want to share with others on veggymalta.com feel free to email us on info@veggyymalta.com.

Without the financial support of our sponsors this week would not be possible as the costs to do this nationwide awarness campaign are substantial. It is because of this that we strongly encourage you to also support the Malta Gluten & Lactose Free Week campaign by buying their products and supporting them.

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